Beetroot is this a Myth or a reality

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

See im probably the most skeptical person when it comes to people saying that supliments do anything to improve the way we perform on the road, well for once i am actually left with my mouth wide open!

taking advice from a fellow runner and some internet searching i came across something i honestly had never heard before "Beet It"

the order was placed and the box arrived.

so the instructions on beet it Nitrate 400 says one shot a day 7 days before a race with 2 shots to be consumed 2-4 hours prior to the race.

to know my journey you have to rewind a year to october 2017 the Lowestoft half marathon i injured my knee and was out until January, when i started again i was in a word depressed that i had lost everything that i worked hard to get to, grit and determination a months of regular runs i was ready to conquer the race that put me out the previous year but i had found something inside me everything had clicked in to place the previous year i think i achieved a time of 1:57:00 when i had set my target of 1:45:00 (knees honetly)

so back to this year and the same target time of 1:45:00

training was going well so here is what happened on the build to race week.

i cracked it, race conditions were perfect and i cannot congratulate my friend Becky on organising a brilliant day, the first 9 -10 miles were fine but i honestly think i had used all energy reserves and not drank enough but i pulled myself along the finish line 1:47:30 where my wife and little girl was waiting to give me a big hug.

Beet it

During the race i can not explain what happened my breathing was in sync and i could seem to move faster, since i started running 5 years ago i had never felt so mentally or phsyically prepared for it i have no idea where it come from a whole 10 minute PB.

Now when you look into the effects of beetroot juice in athletes and what you can get from it you will think to yourself why havent you done it sooner.

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